About us


Since its inception in 2010, ROCOXIA has been at the forefront of crafting elegant designs, tailored especially for prestigious hotels and luxury homes globally. With the tapestry of time, we have woven deep-rooted connections with our esteemed suppliers from China. Our collaborations have culminated in a fusion of our designs and their craftsmanship, resulting in a plethora of artistic decor pieces that now grace markets not just in China, but across the globe.

To us, reading transcends beyond a mere pastime – it's an ethos. Hence, we've dedicated ourselves to curate an array of superior products that resonate with bibliophiles, spanning all age groups and genres. Our DIY kits echo the sentiment of those who find solace in molding their visions into tangible creations. Whether you wish to infuse a sprinkle of artistry into your reading corner or seek the ideal present for an aficionado of books, we have got you covered.

At the heart of ROCOXIA is a team pulsating with dedication – striving ceaselessly to enhance your shopping journey. Our commitment to top-notch customer service and meticulous attention to the finer nuances sets us apart. We cherish the individuality of every patron, and hence, offer bespoke products tailored to satiate your unique preferences.

Our vision transcends commercial aspirations. We are ardent advocates of community upliftment, and thus, a fragment of each sale is channeled towards bolstering literacy initiatives globally. By choosing ROCOXIA, you aren't just procuring an exceptional artifact, but you're also endorsing a noble mission.

We warmly welcome you to ROCOXIA. May our creations captivate your heart, just as passionately as we've crafted them!


- Premium Quality Merchandise
- A Diverse Array of Product Categories
- Rigorous Quality Assurance
- Swift and Complimentary Delivery
- Dedicated Post-Purchase Support.